Down In Flames Wingmen Expansion

Down In Flames - Wingmen Expansion

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Varenummer: DV1-024

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Down In Flames Wingmen Expansion inkludere wingmen kort for alle jager-fly som optræder i Aces High og Guns Blazing.

(Kræver grundspillende Down In Flames - Aces High og/eller Down In Flames - Guns Blazing )

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Also included are 2 new Fighters and their Wingmen. The new Fighters are likely to be the USA P-80 Shooting Star and the German Ho-229.

2 copies of each type of Wingman card are included.

Wingmen aid your Leader in attacking, and help to protect him when under attack. The Wingmen rules are simple and easy to incorporate, fitting on to one sheet of paper. These include the rules for incorporating Wingmen into Campaign games.

Component List:
160 Aircraft Cards
1 Page of Rules