1500 The New World
1500 The New World

1500: The New World

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Varenummer: DV1-009

1500 - The New World er et brætspil for 2 til 6 spillere! Hvert spil sættes op på 10 minutter og spilles på under en time! Det er et hurtigt flydende spil og perfekt til afslappede og seriøse spillere fra 12 år og der over!

Expansions kort skal købes separat, spillet giver herved mulighed for at spilles som enkelt spiller, eller flere spillere.

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Each player selects a color for their tokens, and then places their Victory tokens and Royal Support tokens on the map. They also gather their Colony tokens in front of them in preparation for conquest! Set-up concludes with each player receiving their starting cards.

During your turn, you get to play those cards.

Cards can be played for their text. There are two types of cards: Action cards are tan, and you play them during your turn. Reaction cards are red and are played in reaction to other players' playing cards. Each player, on their turn, can play as many Action cards as they are able to.

Every card can also be played to perform one of several basic actions. A card can be played to do any of the following: build a colony, reduce a colony, repair a colony, or adjust Royal Support.

Once you have finished playing cards, you get to tally up your points for the turn. You receive one point for each successful colony you have on the map, and a bonus of two more victory points for each of your export or regional monopolies!

Each of the other players then takes a turn. Once everyone has had a turn, advance the Time Counter.

The game ends when you move the Turn token into the Game Over square. The winner of the game is the player with the most Victory Points!

The core game is for 2 to 6 players. With the addition of 1 or more Nation Expansions, it becomes a game for 1 or more players.

The game comes with a beautiful map, high quality cards, thick counters, and an easy to use rule booklet!

Expansions card is not included in the core game.