Red Storm: Baltic Approaches

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Varenummer: GMT2115

Spillere skal bruge en kopi af Red Storm: The Air War Over Central Germany, 1987 for at spille Red Storm: Baltic Approaches.

Red Storm: Baltic Approaches er den første udvidelse til GMTs Red Storm med luftkamp på operationelt niveau mellem NATO og Warszawapagten. 

Red Storm: Baltic Approaches tilføjer luftstyrkerne fra tre nye lande (Danmark, Sverige og Polen) sammen med yderligere enheder for nationer repræsenteret i Red Storm, herunder US Navy og US Marine Corps fly.

Antal spiller: 1 - 2 / Spilletid: -  / Alder: 14+ / Level: Heavy / Engelsk manual / Udg. 2022

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The game will also add naval units, anti-ship missiles, maritime weather, and rules covering other facets of air combat in the predominantly maritime domain of the western Baltic.

Scenarios featuring mission types from Red Storm (close air support, interdiction, air defense suppression, and deep strike) will be joined by new types focused on raids against enemy ships, amphibious operation support, airborne drops, and aerial mining. Solo scenarios, using the Bot system introduced in Red Storm, will also be included.

New aircraft types will include the F-14A Tomcat, AV-8B Harrier II, F/A-18A Hornet, A-6E Intruder, EA-6B Prowler, Atlantic 2, P-3C Orion, F-35XD Draken, JA-37/AJ-37 Viggen, Tu-22M Backfire, Su-20 Fitter, Tu-95 Bear, IL-38 May, and more. Naval units range from cruisers and destroyers down through amphibious ships, missile patrol craft, and other types from the various countries whose navies would be engaged in the area.

Players will need a copy of Red Storm: The Air War Over Central Germany, 1987 to play Red Storm: Baltic Approaches.

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2 x Maps (34" x 22")

1 x Rules/Scenario/Appendices booklet

1 x Counter Sheet

1 x Player Aid Card (11 x 17)

2 x Aircraft Data Cards (11 x 17)

2 x Naval Data Cards (8.5 x 11)

1 x Pad Naval Unit Log Sheets