1914: Nach Paris

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In August 1914 many French people were proud to fight for Freedom, against autocracy and pangermanisme.

Germans and French were confident of victory, the former would soon see themselves in Paris and the latter in Berlin, all of them knew the price of duty.

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The vast majority of soldiers mobilized in August 1914 thought that the conflict would be swift and that they would return home for the harvest at the latest.

It was with fervor and conviction that all of them took the "flower with the gun" to the battlefield.

During the battles of the borders and the Marne, the losses amounted to more than 1,128,000 men of all nationalities, with about 293,000 killed.

Were there any strategic errors?

Was there a bad evaluation of the forces involved?

Was there serious military incompetence on both sides?

Or was it the macabre result of a brutal confrontation between two heavily armed military blocs?

With 1914 - Nach Paris you can try to find the answer to questions like these.

Finely modeled units of the belligerents, an accurate and representative topography of the theater of operations and the various fortified obstacles, the accuracy of the chronology of the disposition of troops and highly detailed logistical networks are modeled to faithfully simulate the first big confrontations of the Great War.

1914 - Nach Paris offers small to medium sized scenarios to play only a specific part of the campaign as well as the option to play the great campaign scenario "En rase campagne" to simulate the first six weeks of World War I in the West.

The belligerents need to obtain a decisive victory or face the slow descent into trench warfare.

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