Death in the Trenches: The Great War 1914-1918 (Second Printing )

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Varenummer: CPS1090

Death in the Trenches is a strategic-level World War I game covering the entire war, in all theaters, on an army level with divisional formations handled on an off-map display that minimizes map clutter.

Antal spiller: 1 - 2 / Spilletid: 300 Min. / Alder: 12+ / Sværhedsgrad: Medium / Udgivet 2022 reprint 2023

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The game relies on simple mechanics that eliminate production bean counting and complicated combat results tables.

Designed with the narrative gamer in mind, its more than 500 random events draw you into the global nightmare of 1914-1918, while its pulse system of alternating player moves ensures very little down time for the non-phasing player.

An exciting combat system, where you choose your own level of aggressiveness, gives you a real feel for World War I, and you’ll find yourself piling in everything but the kitchen sink – more artillery! more planes! more generals! – in order to make “one big push” for that elusive victory.

This Charles S. Roberts Award-winning World War One classic is back, in an impressive, brand new, redesigned Second Edition from Compass Games.