Desert Storm: The Hundred Hour War

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Varenummer: ACS001

Desert Storm: The Hundred Hour War simulates the 1991 Persian Gulf War as a military conflict and also as a political contest prior to and during Operation Desert Storm.

Antal spiller: 2 / Spilletid: 120-240 Min. / Alder: 12+ / Sværhedsgrad: Medium / Udgivet 2023 

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Better yet, the rules allow alternative Iraqi strategies that may have theoretically disrupted the Coalition invasion, but similarly allows for alternative Coalition strategies..which includes the possibility of a Coalition advance to Baghdad to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

Highly researched and accurate, this game is a complete presentation of the Persian Gulf War on the land, in the air, and sea.

This game includes:

1 full-size map (22 x 34″) of Kuwait and Iraq (up to Baghdad) and northern Saudi Arabia, including the Persian Gulf

154 pre-rounded (heavy thickness) game pieces of Iraqi and Coalition land and air forces, all historically researched

2 decks of Event Cards (one Iraqi deck and one Coalition deck) totaling 120 unique historical events of the Gulf War

1 six-sided die

1 full-color, large font rules booklet

Game play information:

A two-player game

Easy to learn rules

2 to 4 hours to play

Moderately solitaire

Division scale units

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