Field Commander - Rommel Deluxe

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Varenummer: DV1-023

The player takes command of General Erwin Rommel's forces in 3 exciting World War II Campaigns: France 1940, North Africa 1941, and D-Day 1944

Antal spillere 1 / Spilletid 120 min. / Alder 12+ / Sværhedsgrad: Medium light /Udgivet 2008

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An easy-to-use game system of "Battle Plan" and "Operation Plan" chits manages the Allied movement, combat, and reinforcements.

Each campaign comes with a list of historical options that the player can modify to adjust its difficulty level and improve replay value.

Also, as units win battles, stats increase to affect ensuing battles and movement.

The game comes with "Career" rules that allow the player to link campaigns, so that the outcome of one campaign affects the start-up conditions for the next campaign.

For Manual: TRYK HER

3 Full Color MOUNTED Campaign Maps (11" x 17")

176 Full Color EXTRA THICK 5/8" counters

1 6-sided die

1 Campaign Log Sheet