Freeman's Farm 1777

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Freeman's Farm 1777 er det første af Worthingtons Battle Formations spilserie.

Disse spil er baseret på et nyt spilsystem, der er designet både til solitaire og to spiller spil.

Antal spiller: 1 - 2 / Spilletid: 30 - 60 Min. / Alder: 13+ / Sværhedsgrad: Medium-Light / Udgivet 2019

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The object of the game is to break three of the formations of the opposing side.

This is done by activating your formations and choosing the best actions for it to undertake given the state of the battlefield.

Should you fire your artillery or attack with your infantry? Or should you move your formation to a part of the battlefield that provides an advantage? Or reinforce a faltering formation with troops from a stronger formation? Whatever choice you make, there is a cost to the morale of your active formation.

Further, you are limited by the number of times you can call upon a formation, and once called upon you must decide how long you want it to press the attack.

Each time you call upon a formation your army gains momentum.

As your army builds momentum it allows you to press your formations to continue attacking, but the cost is a reduction in the momentum the army has built up as well as reductions in the morale of the attacking formations.

Each formation has a fixed number of troop markers that can be hit in combat and are also subject to breaking from morale loss.

Each formation can only be activated when its activation card is played, and these are limited and not always available.

Each formation reduces its morale when activated and when continuing attacks.

Formations are broken when they fail a morale test OR when all their troop markers are eliminated.

Players decide which formations to activate and how far to push once they begin attacking.

Push just enough and they can win the day. Push too much and a failed morale test will break them.

Freeman's Farm has been designed for easy set up and quick game play.

Game unit placement is shown on the game board and units are wooden markers representing troop and artillery formations.

The game was developed for solitaire play AND for two players.

In solitaire mode players can play as either the American or the British against the solitaire player game engine.

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