Lock n Load Tactical Solo

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Lock 'n Load Tactical Solo, giver dig mulighed for at spille Lock N Load grundspillende solo.

Udgivet 2017

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Lock 'n Load Tactical Solo is the next evolution in our Lock 'n Load Tactical series. LnLTS is a solo system that allows players to be able to play the scenarios that come with the games as well as ones created with our Battle Generators.   We went beyond that and provided one solitaire system that would work across the entire Lock 'n Load Tactical series past, present, and future games. 

The Lock ’n Load Tactical Solo system allows players to fight against an Artificial Enemy Opponent (AEO) that operates using a series of cards drawn from a deck, which makes decisions for the AEO game units. You can play an entire scenario without making a decision for the AEO.  LnLTS will allow you to play any complete Lock ‘n Load Tactical game including any expansions, in either World War 2 or Modern eras. One Solo System for all your Lock ’n Load Tactical gaming needs!

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