Standard Tray: 15mm depth, 20 compartments LIDDED THICKER

33,00 kr.
Varenummer: OC4M010

Top-notch game trays

Our trays are made of thick transparent plastic and they are dedicated to the storage of board game components.

This is Standard Tray Thicker with lid.

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Our trays have the advantage that they fit together when we put one on top of the other (the bottom one without the lid, of course). 

Thicker 15mm trays

These 25% thicker tray, is perfect everywhere we store a lot of heavy parts, e.g. wooden blocks for war games.

Se mere om produktet på producentens hjemmeside: CUBE4ME(Standard Tray: 15mm depth, 20 compartments LIDDED THICKER)

Wargames set fra CUBE4ME