The Russian Campaign: The Russian Campaign Deluxe 5th Edition

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Varenummer: GMT2019

The Russian Campaign, Deluxe 5th Edition, marks the triumphant return of our hobby’s true classic wargame designs — universally acclaimed as one of the most venerable and widely-recognized games ever published, covering the Eastern Front during World War II.

Few games have received as much universal praise or have been played by so many gamers across the globe.

Antal spiller: 2 / Spilletid: 120 - 360  Min. / Alder: 14+ / Sværhedsgrad: Medium / Udgivet 2023

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Consim Press has embarked on a special journey and partnership with the original game designer, John Edwards, to produce this unequivocal, beautifully-rendered, new edition that honors the elegant design approach of the original creator and pays tribute to one of the finest games ever published.

Reflective that this goes far beyond a simple reprint effort, this all-new edition has been in the works for more than one year as the aim is to present the ultimate “final say” of this design as John Edwards intended.

This Deluxe 5th Edition of The Russian Campaign includes numerous rules changes by leveraging the expertise and experience of today’s leading experts and world renown players who have organized numerous TRC tournament events and online support sites.

These changes reflect more than thirty years of player experience as well as outcomes from recent research.

Examples of the former include additional balancing rules and providing more examples of play while examples of the latter include modifications to Archangel-based replacements and German Minor Ally restrictions.

Players of earlier versions of TRC will be able to immediately play the 5th edition but the designer, publisher, and developers are steadfast in their belief that the current rules make it even easier for new players to quickly get into the game.

The end result is a perfect blend of the game’s classical, core system with key enhancements and clarifications driven by the best gaming minds in the world associated with this game who have invested literally thousands of hours over the years – in both playing and supporting the game.


Multiple Impulse Movement and Combat

Rail Movement and Rail Conversion

Sea Movement (transfers, invasions, and evacuations)

Off-board movement and encirclements

HQs and Leaders

Russian Paratroops, Partisans, Warsaw Garrison

Air Power – Stukas and Sturmoviks

Reinforcement and Replacements

Sudden Death Victory Conditions

Numerous Optional rules featuring: Strategic Movement, SS Replenishment, Russian Recovery, Industrial Evacuation, Fortress Cities, Historical Weather, Battlegroups, Artillery, Russian Artillery Barrage, Optional Worker Units, National Restrictions, Historical Naval Restrictions, Hungarian Neutrality, Competitive Bidding for Sides

Replete with Variant/Experimental Rules as published over the past 30 years, including counters

Five Game Scenarios and Full Campaign Game

THE BREAKING STORM Scenario, 5 Turns (May/June ’41 – Jan/Feb ’42)

BARBAROSSA Scenario, 10 Turns (May/June 1941 - Nov/Dec 1942)

FALL BLAU Scenario, 8 Turns (May/June 1942 – July/Aug 1943)

ZITADELLE Scenario, 6 Turns (May/June 1943 – Mar/April 1944)

BAGRATION Scenario, 7 Turns (May/June 1944 – May/June 1945)

FULL CAMPAIGN GAME, 25 Turns (May/June 1941 – May/June 1945)


Two full size maps, including small map overlay for Lwow Hills optional rule

Three 5/8” full-color counter sheets (both NATO and icon style counters included for AFV units)

Full color, illustrated Rules booklet

Four full color Order of Battle Displays

Three full color Scenario Set-up Cards

Four full color Player Aid Cards

Single 6-sided die