Twilight of the Reich: Endgame in the European Theater module 16 1944-45

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TWILIGHT OF THE REICH (TotR) takes Advanced Squad Leader players to the final stages of the war in the European theater, as 15 of its 17 scenarios concentrate on the Allied advance from the borders of Germany in 1944, through a series of Hitler-declared “fortress” cities, to the final struggle in 1945 for the heart of the Reich itself—Berlin.

Antal spiller: 2 / Spilletid: 60-240 Min. / Alder: 14+ / Level: Hard / Udgivet 2024

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•To aid in the recreation of these struggles, TotR brings Debris and Rail Car rules and counters into the core ASL system and provides a series of large factory, graveyard, and railyard (complete with rail cars) overlays to help depict the fight for domination of key urban and heavily industrial terrain features.

TotR provides an expanded late-war German SS Order of Battle and rules for SS ELR substitution familiar from Historical ASL modules.

Also included are Soviet NKVD counters, Assault Engineer counters for several nationalities, and new German MMC counters that represent Volksgrenadier formations introduced toward the end of the war.

The scenarios are all set on four new 11˝×16˝ double-sided urban mapboards and four dozen new overlays designed by Bill Cirillo (of FESTUNG BUDAPEST fame) and painted by Charlie Kibler.

The late war scenarios were developed in collaboration with Sean Deller and intensely playtested by multiple groups of veteran players.

Additionally, two early war scenarios designed by Tom Morin, designer of VALOR OF THE GUARDS, focus on Soviet NKVD units, employing the included counters for those troops.

These scenarios are all crafted to enhance the level of uncertainty typically faced by an attacker in ASL, utilizing a set of TotR Scenario Special Rules applicable to all scenarios that, among other things, provide the defender with additional tools at setup.

Replayability is enhanced through a highly vetted rubble-and-debris generation process, while the scenarios allow each player to tailor his side’s OB through the purchase of weapons and fortifications, thus allowing him to implement a strategy that best meets his needs and style of play.

Prepare to be immersed in the struggle for the end game in Europe!


four 11˝×16˝ geomorphic double-sided maps (16a/b-19a/b)

49 overlays

two countersheets

Updated ASL Rule Book Chapter A & Chapter B Rules set

17 ASL Scenarios

one box and lid

TWILIGHT OF THE REICH is not a complete game. Ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader Game System is required for play.