Warfighter: The WWII North African Combat Card Game

580,00 kr.
Varenummer: DVG036BX

Warfighter is a card game for 1 to 6 players. You can play solo or cooperatively with your friends against the system to complete World War II squad-level combat missions, set in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations (MTO) in North Africa.

Antal spiller: 1  - 6 / Spilletid: 30 - 180 Min. / Alder: 12+ /Sværhedsgrad: Medium / Udgivet 2023

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The core game gives you a full team of British 8th Army Soldiers. Expansion then adds to these sets.

This includes the soldiers, weapons, equipment, and tactics used by each of those nations. Everything you need to create your own unique squad of soldiers!

At the start of each mission, you each select one or more Player Soldiers, equip them with skills, weapons, and combat gear within the mission's Resource limit. You then fight your way through hostile territory and engage enemy soldiers, as you attempt to reach and complete your mission objective. Every mission is a stand-alone game. You build your Soldiers, select your Gear, and then run your mission. Within 30 to 60 minutes you will have succeeded or failed.

The contents of this set includes:

280 cards comprising:

5 UK Player Soldiers / 3 Team Soldiers / 5 Non-Player Soldiers / 5 Squad Soldiers / 2 Squad Light Vehicles

8 Missions / 8 Objectives / 16 Locations

14 Weapons / 12 Gear

22 Skills / 6 Situation / 4 Service Records

80 Action / 13 Location Markers

66 German Hostiles / 11 Events

6 counter sheets with 516 counters

d6 and d10 dice

Mounted display board

Warfighter Universal Rulebook

As with all Warfighter products, Warfighter: North Africa is compatible with all other Warfighter products, especially the Europe, Pacific and Mediterranean WWII core boxes.