Warfighter: WWII Expansion #71 – Royal Italian Army

176,00 kr.
Varenummer: DVG036CB

In the division of alliances of World War II which saw nations join with the Allies or the Axis, the Italian army found itself on opposing sides as the war progressed. Face the brunt of the Commonwealth 8th Army in North Africa, defend Sicily from the onslaught of the Allies, or fight to liberate Italy from the German occupiers.

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This set adds 56 cards to your Warfighter WWII Mediterranean game, including new Italian Soldiers and Light Vehicle, Italian Hostiles, Gear and Service Record Cards. This expansion offers 56 cards including:

4 Italian Player Soldiers

3 Italian Non-Player Soldiers

3 Italian Squad Soldiers

1 Italian Squad Light Vehicle

1 Skill

11 Weapons and Gear

3 Service Record Cards

30 Italian Hostiles