Warfighter: WWII Expansion #72 – Battle of Bardia

176,00 kr.
Varenummer: DVG036CC

The Battle of Bardia was one of the first Allied incursions into North Africa as part of Operation Compass, with the Australian 6th Division assaulting the fiercely-defended fortress and township of Bardia. It was a hard fought victory with over 30000 enemy prisoners taken, and opened the path for the Allied campaign to advance into Libya and Cyrenaica.

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This set adds 56 cards to your Warfighter WWII North Africa game, including:

4 Australian Player Soldiers

4 Australian Non-Player Soldiers

4 Australian Squad Soldiers

3 Missions

4 Objectives

12 Locations

6 Weapons

1 Gear

1 Skill

15 Hostiles + 2 Events