Warfighter: WWII Expansion #83 – Savoia Cavalleria

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Varenummer: DVG036CN

The Charge of the Savoia Cavalleria at Izbushensky Khutor (hamlet) in the Volga Region was a skirmish between the Italian Cavalry 3rd Regiment "Savoia Cavalleria" and the Soviet 812th Siberian Infantry Regiment in August 1942. Although it was a minor encounter in the larger Eastern Theatre of Operations, the Charge of the Savoia Cavelleria has historical significance as one of the final major cavalry charges in armed warfare, and its actions resonated with much propaganda throughout Italy.

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This set adds 56 cards to your Warfighter WWII Mediterranean game, including new Italian Soldiers, Soviet Hostiles, Missions, Locations, Objectives, Skills, Weapons and Equipment. This expansion offers 56 cards including:

3 Italian Calvary Player Soldiers

3 Italian Calvary Non-Player Soldiers

2 Italian Calvary Squad Soldiers

4 Missions

4 Objectives

12 Locations

3 Weapons

3 Gear

2 Skills

18 Soviet Hostiles

2 Events