Warfighter: WWII Expansion #87 – Gurkhas

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Varenummer: DVG036CR

Serving as part of the British Army for nearly 200 years, the Gurkhas have fought in almost every major conflict and theatre of war, including in World War II where they were comprised of 40 battalions. These fearsome Nepalese fighters have deservedly earned a near-legendary reputation of being some of the fiercest and bravest warriors in battle: esteemed by their allies and dreaded by their enemies, and respected by all alike. They are easily recognized by their signature weapon - the long, curved knife known as the kukri - and their motto is "Better to die than to be a coward."

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This set adds 56 cards to your Warfighter WWII North Africa game, although the Gurkhas historically fought in every theatre of war and can be played with any Warfighter WWII setting. This set offers:

5 Gurkha Player Soldiers

4 Gurkha Non-Player Soldiers

5 Gurkha Squad Soldiers

1 Gurkha Squad Light Vehicle

3 Specialist Skills

1 Skill

2 National Skills

5 Weapons

28 Gurkha Hostiles

2 Events